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Blockchain is an online anonymous cryptocurrency platform, and using this system is the fastest way that a transaction can be made from outside the Netherlands – payments made through bitcoin are received in our account instantly (99% of the time!).

In order to use Blockchain, you must first convert your own local currency to the bitcoin equivalent. There are numerous websites that offer simple methods of converting to Blockchain, and we advise you to take some time for your own research to find the best currency converter and the most attractive rates of exchange.

Please read our how-to guide for a complete introduction and walk-through for using bitcoin as a payment method. Once you start using it we guarantee you will have no regrets and will never look back. Welcome to the 21st century’s game-changing currency of the future.

How-to Guide:

  1. At the Check out you will be provided with a payment address that will consist of letters and numbers that seem random. This needs to be copied to your clipboard. 
  2. Open up the secure platform you have decided to store your cryptocurrencies on. 
  3. You will need to find the payment section of your selected platform. 
  4. Add the address to the payment section usually shown as ‘payment address’ please also be sure to cover the transaction fees, these are usually shown when making the payment. 
  5. Once you have sent this you should usually receive a confirmation via e-mail.
  6. Your order will automatically update on the website and if the payment is all ok the order will be shipped within 24 hours on business days. (Monday to Friday)

No, your shipping address will be correct, it is just that the merchant gateway does not always show the full address. Be assured that the address you provided us with is the address your order will be shipped to so please ignore what it says in the email from the merchant gateway.


If you want to double-check your shipping address after you have placed an order you can do so by clicking on the order number from within your Order history page when logged in to your account, this will open up to the order showing you all information from your order.

If you find that the address provided and the address is shown are in fact different please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form using the link below and one of our representatives will be able to help you. 

Yes. If you have a valid Private prescription please contact us. we will need the original prescription before shipping any orders.

We certainly use the same suppliers like the ones your favorite high street pharmacy also uses.

Once an order is refunded it takes 72Hrs for the funds to clear in your account.

Orders within the Netherlands are usually received on the next working day, and we also offer an express service that guarantees your order reaches you the next day. Please select this option if it’s important to you to receive it the next day.

International orders (outside the Netherlands) take approximately 2-5 business days to arrive within the European Union.

Non-EU orders can take anywhere from 7-14 business days, but please bear in mind that these guidelines are not exact.

During some busier periods of the year (such as Christmas), problems can occur within the mail service, and these can lead to delivery times varying significantly.


Since COVID-19 there have been extra delays in all postal services. We understand that package tracking and updates of this have not been smooth with PostNL. Please check in with their website here to see if there are any delivery problems in your area. 



The same does go for UPS here is the link for their service alerts


We are pleased to say that we do ship to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, 

Shipping to New Zealand is by Airmail shipping only, and it does not come with tracking facilities.

Shipping to Australia is by Airmial or PostNL Tracked, only the PostNL tracked comes with tracking facilities.

Shipping to Canada is by UPS, PostNL Tracked or Airmail shipping. UPS and PostNL have tracking but again Airmail is not.

NO. We offer Free prescription with all consultations once it has been approved by a doctor.

Yes. We send parcels in plain packaging with no indication of what is inside.

The doctors can take anywhere between 3-24 hours to approve orders, however, they check orders a lot of times daily to make sure they are not missing any pending orders.

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